A recent article in Wired magazine on the popularity of TED talks both on-line and in person, says TED is helping ,"...speakers connect with audiences and helping audiences in turn to connect ideas inside their own mind." if this isn't enough to make interpreters pay attention to what TED has to offer I don't know what is. This is as good a description of what we attempt to do with our audiences everyday. Some talks are relevent to subject we interpret including marine biology or climate change, while others are about the very process of building and communicating an effective message.

I'll throw out this question here to develop a list of essential TED talks for interpreters. As I write this on my iPad in the Philadelphia airport on the way home from NIW2012 in Hampton, my mind is full of great thought of interpretation. I have a few TED talks on my iPad that I watched on the way here. One of my favorite was "Advice for a Young Scientist" by E.O. Wilson. I'll add it to SHINEnet with others when I get back home. Looking forward to what other TED talks touch interpreters.

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Doug, Now the genie is out of the bottle. It'd be awesome to find out which TED talks interpreters liked and why. With over 1000 talk videos available at www.ted.com, we need a hitchhiker's guide to the universe of TED. I'll some of my favorites over the Thanksgiving holiday...

Hope others will do the same!



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